Our Mission Statement
The Scotty-Bear Project exists because a pledge was made to a beloved son. The pledge was that his legacy would be acts of loving kindness and caring connections made that would honor the good life he lived.

We endeavor to achieve this purpose by volunteering in our community, providing gift packages to children, presenting educational programs, and offering grief support.


We help by providing community service that assists with hospice companionship, supportive care  of the bereaved, blood drives, public speaking presentations about volunteerism, and the creation and donation of Scotty-Bear gifts to children who are receiving cancer treatments, in foster care, or who are otherwise in need.

Please get in touch with us through our "Contact Us" link so that we may discuss with you how we might be of help and assistance.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would use the above "Share" button to make others aware of the Scotty-Bear Project. Through the power of social media we can continue our outreach to those whom we might be able to positively impact through a simple act of kindness.

Each time we give someone a Scotty-Bear it is a tangible reminder of that beloved son, and it carries with it his loving spirit as a huggable Ambassador Of Love.

 Scotty's heart and passion was to spread joy and love to everyone he met during his short life. We strive to carry on his worthy goal.
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