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About us

Scotty Hinrichs was only 18 years old when he found out he had a very rare terminal cancer. Being so young and healthy made it possible for him to endure multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and clinical trials, but even with the best of care he became blinded and paralyzed before experiencing a horribly painful death. Home hospice care allowed him to be in the presence of his loving parents as he took his last breath.

What can parents do to find a way forward from such a tragic event?

In this case, turn to the words of their loving and kind-hearted son for direction. He sought to use his circumstances to benefit others. His goal became a passion for him: to find a way to leave a legacy of love.

He knew that out of the billions of people living on this earth that his life was not important to many, but that because it was so precious to his parents, they would find a way to carry out his mission.

Keeping his memory alive by sharing his story, offering supportive help via hospice companionship and patient advocacy, providing educational programs, and giving children Scotty-Bear gift bags; these have become just a few of the ways his heart of love lives on.

Volunteering and community service outreach help make meaningful connections, and it's our goal to make a dynamic impact through civic education and participation.

Whether it be by providing a free and fun animal puppet presentation, pop-up style books to explore, a game of world map discovery, or a Scotty-Bear tea party; it's all about reaching out, inspiring, empowering, and always sharing love.

Please go to our "Contact Us" link now and let us know how we can come alongside you or your organization to achieve the goal of creating a world filled with more Acts Of Kindness.